What is a science centre?

Technorama allows hands-on experiences of hundreds of natural phenomena and technology. At countless experiment stations visitors can discover natural phenomena first-hand and with all the senses. "Come to grips" – in both senses of the word – with the world.

Unlike other museums, everything in Technorama can be touched, played and experimented with: hands on! Learning through play in a science centre by experiencing natural phenomena directly, through art that moves us, through the challenges we create in the labs and AdventureRooms, through dialogues with family and friends or by building your own machines in the inventor's workshop. Technorama offers variety and inspiration for several days, while awakening a curiosity and enthusiasm for science and technology.

COVID-19 measures

The Technorama is closed until 21 March 2021.

Due to its high experiential content, Technorama is not classified as a museum according to the definitions of the new Covid-19 ordinance and must therefore remain closed.

Technorama Talk

We invite all curious people (teachers and pupils are welcome too!) to discuss questions and explore natural phenomena with us.

Technorama @ Home

You can also discover the Technorama with its many exciting natural phenomena from home! Here you will find exciting experiments that you can easily do at home.

Renewed sector: Mindscapes

The renewed "Mindscapes" sector is dedicated to what is probably the greatest natural phenomenon of all: human perception.


With more than 500 experiment stations, there is plenty available for everyone to lever, crank, observe and marvel.


Our seven labs, a wealth of fascinating workshops, invite you to delve into the world of biology, chemistry and physics.

Competence orientation

This is where (not only) students independently observe, describe, hypothesize, experiment and draw their own conclusions.


Many offer well-equipped seminar rooms with catering. But only Technorama offers extraordinary workshops and AdventureRooms.

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