What is a science centre?

Technorama allows hands-on experiences of hundreds of natural phenomena and technology. At countless experiment stations visitors can discover natural phenomena first-hand and with all the senses. "Come to grips" – in both senses of the word – with the world.

Unlike other museums, everything in Technorama can be touched, played and experimented with: hands on! Learning through play in a science centre by experiencing natural phenomena directly, through art that moves us, through the challenges we create in the labs and adventure rooms, through dialogues with family and friends or by building your own machines in the inventor's workshop. Technorama offers variety and inspiration for several days, while awakening a curiosity and enthusiasm for science and technology.

Planting instead of deforestation

Who is not familiar with it: the holidays are hardly over when the Christmas tree dries up and everything is full of brown fir needles.

Do it differently this year! Spare yourselves the tree in the living room and plant it in a place where it feels at home: in the Technorama Park.


With more than 500 experiment stations, there is plenty available for everyone to lever, crank, observe and marvel.


Our seven labs, a wealth of fascinating workshops, invite you to delve into the world of biology, chemistry and physics.

Competence orientation

This is where (not only) students independently observe, describe, hypothesize, experiment and draw their own conclusions.


Many offer well-equipped seminar rooms with catering. But only Technorama offers extraordinary workshops and adventure rooms.

Filmportrait des Technorama

Der Fotograf Michael Rippas wurde von einem Kooperationspartner des Technorama beauftragt, ein filmisches Porträt des Technorama ...

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Ein Park für die Baukultur

Der Schweizerische Ingenieur und Architektenverein SIA ist Partner der ersten Stunde beim Technorama-Park Projekt. Claudia Schwalfenberg ...

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Park Update: Drohnenflug

Im Drohnenflug über den Park sieht man, wie sich der Technorama-Park im letzten Jahr verändert ...

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