Inclusion and diversity

Technorama is a place where everyone is welcome.

That is why we are committed to providing equal experiences for all, regardless of age, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or impairment, (ethnic) origin, religion or belief, education, income or otherwise. We break down barriers that stand in the way of this.

Our goal is to create an environment in which all guests and employees feel comfortable and can realise their potential. At Technorama, all people should be able to live out their curiosity and joy of experimentation and experience the fascination of the natural sciences together.


To achieve our goals, we are working on various projects. We are constantly adding to the list and never run out of ideas.

Disability Rights Action Days - Inclusive workshops

Visit our inclusive workshops during the action days! The workshops are designed to allow people with different disabilities to take part. Resources such as communication boards, visual instructions and sign language tables enable active participation in the workshop. The workshops are not suited for people with visual impairments, but we recommend other workshops from our programme. The workshops take place on the following days:

Sunday, 19.5.2024: Discoveries in daily life - experiments with candles

Sunday, 26.5.2024: Discoveries in daily life - experiments with candles - with German Swiss sign language interpreters.

Sunday, 2.6.2024: The beauty in the beast – scientific methods

Sunday, 9.6.2024: The beauty in the beast – scientific methods - with German Swiss sign language interpreters.

The workshops are in German and start at 1 pm and last 45 minutes. They are suitable for children from 8. The number of participants is limited - we suggest signing in in advance via email at The workshops cost 7chf in addition to admission to the Technorama.

The workshops are organised in collaboration with Zentrum für Gehör und Sprache in frame of the action days for disability

Disability Rights Action Days - NaviLens self-experience

Would you like to dive blindly in the MatheMagics exhibition? The NaviLens app and our experts with visual disabilities will help you.

Equipped with dark glasses and the NaviLens app, you can make your way through our "MatheMagics". Experience what it's like to explore the exhibits using your sense of touch and hearing. Can you put the Möbius strip together without seeing? Can you find the next station using the app? Will the bridge you built hold? Experts with visual impairments will be on hand to help and advise you.

The event will take place throughout the day on 5 June 2024. Registration is not necessary, just come to Technorama and visit us in the MatheMagic exhibition!

The event is organised in collaboration with SZBlind andApfelschule in frame of the action days for disability.

Disability Rights Action Days - Mindscapes - immerse yourself in other world views

How do autistic people perceive the world? How does the way of thinking of neurotypical and neurodivergent people differ? Matthias Huber uses various exhibits from the "Mindscapes" exhibition to provide an insight into his detailed and focussed perception. Peter Brugger places these personal experiences in a larger context of how our brains work.

Differences, difficulties, strengths and challenges in everyday life in a world made for neurotypical people become visible and tangible. You are welcome to try things out for yourself! We look forward to travelling together through different mindscapes!

Sunday, 9 June 2024 at 5.15 pm

The event is free of charge; if you would like to visit the exhibitions beforehand, you pay the normal Technorama entrance fee. The number of participants is limited, so please register sedning an email to The event is a collaboration with autismus schweiz in frame of the action days for disability

"Culture inclusive" label

In December 2022, our label partnership with "Kultur inklusiv" will start. This includes a four-year plan of measures. The label promotes the participation of people with disabilities in cultural life. As a label partner, we are committed to orienting our attitudes and actions towards inclusion.


Since 2021, a small group of employees has been committed to the issues of inclusion and diversity. The Technorama Inclusion Committee consists of eleven people from different departments and hierarchical levels.


We work with various institutions to achieve our goals. In the initial phase, we were supported by Fullbright in setting up the engagement. This will soon be followed by close cooperation with Sensability.


We endeavour to keep the entire Technorama website and all accompanying texts on the exhibits and shows in four languages (German, English, French, Italian). In this way, we would like to give as many guests as possible the opportunity to delve deeper into the content.

Discounted admissions

Assistants accompanying persons with disabilities have free admission to Technorama. People with low incomes or refugees have the opportunity to get reduced-price admission with the KulturLegi from Caritas. Further partnerships are being clarified.

Toilet facilities

Some of our toilets are gender neutral. The appropriate signage is still being worked on to provide a safe break for everyone where they can feel comfortable.

Exhibit construction

For our exhibit construction, we create a checklist to avoid all possible obstacles. For example, we are currently evaluating how an exhibit needs to be built to allow access to the phenomenon for guests of different sizes.

Panel discussions

Technorama would like to position itself in the discourse and promote it. To this end, we plan to organise panel discussions to talk about topics that link science, society and inclusion.

Inclusive workplace

Another ongoing project is dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces - both in visitor services and in housekeeping or administration. We already offer work integration opportunities for people who need support to re-enter the labour market.


The entire exhibition including laboratories and the restaurant are wheelchair accessible. Appropriate toilets are specially marked. Since many of the experiments are interactive, a visit to Technorama is also a fascinating experience for people with visual impairments and cognitive impairments.

Inklusions-Anlass vom 25. August 2023

Wie kommen wir durch den Tag, wenn die Busnummer nicht zu erkennen und die Durchsage im Zug nicht zu verstehen sind? Wenn nicht nur der Lift wieder einmal eine technische Störung hat und schon eine simple Bordsteinkante zur unüberwindlichen Mauer wird? Wer für andere plant, erkennt nur selten, was für Menschen mit Behinderungen alltägliches Erlebnis ist. Und somit deren Teilhabe am gesellschaftlichen Leben ausschliesst.
Am 25. August haben wir über Inklusion geredet und gehandelt.

UK Netzwerk Zürich visits Technorama

As part of the new accessibility measures at Technorama, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) resources have been introduced both in the exhibitions and in the laboratories.

On Thursday 4 April, the UK Netzwerk Zürich (an association for experts and users of AAC) visited Technorama. Simone Russi and Silvia Garbari presented all the accessibility resources that have already been implemented and are planned. The AAC experts and users were also able to try out one of the activities in the exhibition and make ice cream in 3 minutes in the laboratory with the help of the AAC visual instructions.


Is everything clear or is there anything you would like to ask or tell us? Fill out the contact form and you will be taken directly to the right place.


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