Patronage committee

Numerous personages from business, politics and science support Technorama with contacts, networks and their personal advocacy.

Markus Hutter

President of Patronage committee


Further members

Thomas Anwander

General Secretary, Rieter AG, Winterthur

Dr. Wolfgang Auwärter

Partner and former Chairman of the Board KUHN RIKON

Urs Berger

former President of the Patronage Committee, Winterthur

Harry Bienz

Managing Director, Geilinger AG, Winterthur

Arthur Bolliger

Board of Directors of various companies in the financial sector

Ton Büchner

Member of the Board Novartis, Basel

Thomas Dittrich

Prof. Dr. Jürg Dual

Elsau (ETH Zürich, Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics)

Hannes Germann

State Councillor, Opfertshofen

Calvin Grieder

Chairman of the Board, Bühler Group, Uzwil

Martin Haefner

Chairman of the Baord, AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG, Zurich

Markus Hagmann

Chairman of the Baord, AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG, Zurich

Otto Halter

former Mayor of Wallisellen

Dr. Eugen Haltiner

former Chairman of the Board, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

Christof Hasler

Chairman of the Board, Hasler + Co. AG, Winterthur

Thomas W. Hauser


Dr. iur. Thomas Heiniger

Prof. Michael O. Hengartner

Jürg Herzog

Country Head Smart Infrastructure Siemens Schweiz AG, Zürich

Charles Kleiber

former State Secretary, Lausanne

Fredy A. Lienhard

Chariman of the Board, ALID AG, Teufen/Degersheim

Beda Moor

former General Secretary, Gewerkschaft Unia, Rüti b. Büren/BE

Dr. Markus Notter

former State Councillor, Dietikon

Dr. Regula Pfister

ex Chairwoman of the Board, ZFV-Unternehmungen, Zurich

Peter Pfyffer

President of Friends of Technorama

Dr. Bertrand Piccard

Physician, Initiator, Chairman and Pilot of Solar Impulse, Lausanne

Rosmarie Quadranti

Former National Councillor, Volketswil

Kathy Riklin

Former National Councillor, Dr. sc. nat. ETH, Geologist, Zurich

Rolf Sonderegger

CEO and Board Delegate of Kistler Group, Winterthur

Heinz Toggenburger


Truls H. Toggenburger

Chairman of the Board Toggenburger Unternehmungen, Winterthur

Valentin Vogt

President of the Swiss Employers' Association, Zurich

Dr. André Voillat

former SR-Präsident Technorama, Rüti

Dr. Beat Walti

Attorney, National Councillor, Zollikon

Ernst Wohlwend

former Mayor of Winterthur

Dr. Felix Zumbach