VTW Technorama – Business Partnership

The VTW Technorama – Business Partnership is the equivalent of Friends of Technorama for firms, companies and selected non-profit organizations.

The VTW promotes the understanding and enthusiasm of young people for natural sciences and technology and thus supports the obtainment and development of a modern science and economy. For that purpose, it provides financial resources to Technorama, in particular for all school offerings.

In fact, Technorama is Switzerland's largest extracurricular place of learning, attracting around 70,000 schoolchildren every year. However, the focus of the numerous offers in the exhibitions and laboratories is not on conveying factual knowledge, but on the so-called 21st Century Skills, which are not only incorporated in many curricula, but also shape the educational policy agenda of the OECD.

These 21st Century Skills include the four C's: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. It is these skills that enable young people to help shape social and economic progress. The VTW Technorama – Business Partnership is aware of the importance of 21st Century Skills for Switzerland as a research and business location.

Get involved

Perceive your corporate social responsibility by becoming a member of the VTW Technorama – Business Partnership.


The VTW operates at the interface between business, society and the natural sciences.


Business enterprises of any legal form or related persons can become members of the VTW Technorama – Business Partnership. The annual membership fee is CHF 10,000. A Membership is permanent or should last for at least three years.


Your company benefits from a variety of incentives.

Logo presence

Your logo will be clearly visible to over 260,000 visitors a year on the VTW board in the entrance area of the Swiss Science Center Technorama. Your company’s logo also appears on the website and in the annual report.

Entry vouchers

You will receive 20 entry vouchers per year, which you can use to show your appreciation for committed employees or as a special customer gift.


You can book further entries, workshops and AdventureRooms games at Technorama with a 10% discount – conveniently via our online booking system.

Seminar rooms

You benefit from a 25% discount on the rent of the seminar rooms. As an ideal supporting programme, admission to the Technorama is also free on the day of the event.

Exclusive events

You will be invited to exclusive events: These include the annual Technorama Forum, partnership events and, of course, all vernissages.

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For questions about your membership, contact JAstrid Keller.
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Become a part of the business partnership VTW and benefit from our attractive benefits. Astrid Keller will be happy to advise you on organisational matters.
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