Technorama Shop

In our store you will find numerous inspiring products - for experimenting, puzzling and observing. Visit us in the store and take a piece of Technorama home with you.

Galton Board

The Galton board is mathematics in motion: it shows the centuries-old concepts of Sir Francis Galton in a simple way.


The popular Technorama pin screen for the home! Whether as an original decoration or a fun toy - this pin board is the perfect conversation starter! (124x176x78 mm)

Feel Flux

This scientific toy beautifully demonstrates the anti-gravity effect of "Lenz's Rule".

Small plasma ball

The plasma ball has an almost restful effect - whether you just look at it or run your fingers over it. (13 cm)

Large plasma ball

The plasma ball from the Technorama for your home! Let yourself be hypnotised by the captured fourth state of matter. (20 cm)


An elegant physics toy that invites experimentation with the primary colours cyan, magenta and yellow.

Magic Mug Technorama

Heat-sensitive ceramic mug: Start the day with this mug that reminds us to never lose our curiosity.


The homogeneous skipjack is not only a mathematical wonder of our century, it provides stimulation for scientists and artists. And can also help a lot with relaxation.

You can find these products and many more in our store. We are looking forward to your visit!