Support Technorama

Two organisations support the Swiss Science Center Technorama independently in the form of advantageous annual memberships: Friends of Technorama (SGPT) is the public support group for private individual; the VTW Technorama – Business Partnership is for firms and foundations.The patronage committee acts in the sense of an advisory board. It brings together personages from business, politics and science with the objective of supporting Technorama with their contacts, networks and personal advocacy.Lastly, many private individuals from Switzerland and abroad support Technorama with donations and bequests.

With a donation

Technorama is the largest out-of-school science learning institution in Switzerland. Our donors are committed to ensuring that as many students as possible are able to visit Technorama.

As a sponsoring partner

Attractive partnerships for companies and enterprises ensure the long-term financing of Technorama.

Become a park owner!

Support the construction of the new Technorama park. Decide how you would like to participate in the realization of the park with the bridge of miracles and many phenomenal exhibits.

Friends of Technorama (SGPT)

Friends of Technorama (SGPT) is the public support group for Technorama.

VTW Technorama - Business Partnership

VTW is the Technorama - Business Partnership is the support group comprised of companies, enterprises and NPOs.

Patronage committee

Personages from business and politics advocate Technorama personally.

Die Hutter Dynamics AG spendet 62 Quadratmeter Parkfläche im Namen ihrer Kunden

Die Kunden von Hutter Dynamics, welche im letzten Jahr ein Elektro- oder Plug-In-Hybrid-Fahrzeug gekauft haben, konnten sich im 2020 gleich ...

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Corona Update 17.1.2021

Der Park versinkt im Schnee und die Bäume haben eine schwere Last zu tragen. Ein Rundgang mit Messungen, einer kleinen Grabung und ...

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Erste Test-Ausstellung des neuen Science Centers in Tansania

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