Swiss Science Center Technorama

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Technorama is neither a research institute nor a museum archive filled with old machines from the industrial era. Instead, it is a place designed for self-directed discovery, comprehension and understanding. It is a meeting place for people who are interested in science and have a need to gain new knowledge and insights.As a popular leisure destination, Technorama serves as an important cultural lodestar in the canton of Zurich. But it is also the largest out-of-school learning institution for the sciences in Switzerland. Its diverse range of exhibits in different exhibition sectors, demonstrations, labs and workshops enables all visitors, irrespective of age, background and educational background, to become familiar with amazing natural phenomena in a relaxed and playful manner.Technorama develops and creates its own exhibits according to didactic guidelines. It highlights the main points with exceptional special exhibitions, offers workshops on more complex topics and astonishes visitors with spectacular shows. Furthermore, it offers continuing education for teachers and a comprehensive range of resources for schools and is involved in numerous collaborations with colleges of education. All of this shapes the manner in which science is appreciated, learned and taught in Switzerland. As a result, Technorama makes a unique contribution to scientific literacy among the population at large in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries.

How It All Began

Founded as a technical museum, Technorama is the only science centre in Switzerland today.

Vision and Mission

Technorama facilitates the manner in which science is perceived and taught on a lasting basis.

Staff Members

More than 120 people are currently employed at Technorama. Get to know them!


You will find the photo and video archive with a search function here.

Job Opportunities

Would you like to join the Technorama staff? We also welcome unsolicited applications.

Contact person

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or requests you may have about your visit.

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