Who will save the climate if we don't?

Climate change, energy revolution, genetic engineering: the world is facing major challenges in many areas. Finding groundbreaking solutions requires new approaches, innovative strength and, above all, enthusiasm for the natural science.

New knowledge is created because the world amazes us and awakens our curiosity. Curiosity motivates us to explore the world and its phenomena.

Arousing children's curiosity and getting them excited about the natural sciences is the task and mission of Technorama. In doing so, Technorama prepares children and young people for the challenges of the 21st century: Both in the exhibitions, laboratories and in the park, the four learning competencies Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication are promoted, the so-called 21 Century Skills.

For the fulfilment of this task we are dependent on the support of private individuals and foundations. Become part of the large community of supporters!

Technorama is tax-exempt. Donations can be deducted from taxes according to the legal requirements.

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Questions about your donation

Do you have any questions about your donation?
Catherine Hauser will be happy to provide information and help you.

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Inheritances and legacies

You are convinced that well-trained scientists and engineers play a central role in mastering future challenges. You trust that our children and grandchildren will master these challenges. Together with us, you want to create the best possible conditions for future generations.

With a legacy, you make a particularly generous contribution to giving children and young people the opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

Contact Catherine Hauser, who is responsible for donations and legacies. She will be happy to advise you.

Best of Landschaftsarchitektur 2023: Technorama Draussen

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Pipistrello-Trailer im Technorama

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Technorama Draussen mit seltenem Gast

Es war ein Zufall und Glücksfall. Wir hatten uns heute mit André Weiss vom Natur- und Vogelschutzverein Winterthur-Seen im Park ...

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