Who will save the climate if we don't?

Climate change, energy revolution, genetic engineering: the world is facing major challenges in many areas. Finding groundbreaking solutions requires new approaches, innovative strength and, above all, enthusiasm for the natural science.

New knowledge is created because the world amazes us and awakens our curiosity. This curiosity is far more than just feeling too good for a moment - it is an attitude to life: I am what inspires me. Curiosity not only motivates us to explore the world and its phenomena. Curiosity also creates alternatives. It prevents us from being satisfied with assertions and ready-made answers. Only curious children and young people will one day be able to master the challenges of the future. The task and mission of Technorama is to awaken and support their curiosity.

For the fulfilment of this task we are dependent on the support of private individuals and foundations. Encourage children's curiosity and help to inspire them to become interested in science.

You have three possibilities to support children and young people: You can help to finish building the Technorama Park and the wonder bridge or you can support school classes. Alternatively, you can also consider a legacy for future scientists. Every donation benefits children and young people.

Encouraging school class attendance

Not all young people in Switzerland can express their curiosity and joy of discovery to the same extent. As part of its annual school events, Technorama invites students from selected cantons to visit the Technorama at least once during their school years, free of charge.

  • For 50 CHF you enable a professionally supervised experiment for boys and girls.
  • For 100 CHF a whole class can attend a workshop.
  • For CHF francs you allow a class to visit the Technorama.
Account Zürcher Kantonalbank:
CH20 0070 0113 2003 9700 8
Swiss Science Center Technorama
Technoramastrasse 1
8404 Winterthur
Please note "Donation".

Support future natural scientists with a legacy

You are convinced that well-trained scientists and engineers play a central role in mastering future challenges. You trust that our children, grandchildren and nephews will master these challenges. Together with us, you want to create the best possible conditions for future generations.

With a legacy, you make a particularly generous contribution to giving children and young people the opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

Contact Catherine Hauser, who is responsible for donations and legacies. She will be happy to advise you.

Become a park owner!

Natural phenomena are home outside. And here, in the open air, they can be discovred best. That's why Technorama is expanding its park and building a wonder bridge. Help awaken the curiosity of children and young people.

Catherine Hauser

Do you have any questions about your donation? Catherine Hauser will be happy to provide information and help you.
+41 (52) 244 08 50 (Monday to Thursday)

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