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The famous English physicist Isaac Newton once observed how an apple fell from a tree. He linked this observation with previous experiences and thus came to grasp the principles of gravity.This is exactly the same in a science centre: the occurrence of the falling apple stands for a natural phenomenon, of which there are hundreds in Technorama.Natural phenomena are often applied in technology. In Technorama it is not about technology, but rather the natural phenomena behind it. And – unlike in a conventional museum – Technorama is a place where you can be loud, where you can touch things and where you not only acquire information passively, but may also actively interact.


Technorama is first and foremost an exhibition with interactive experiment stations. These are grouped in various sectors according to themes like light and sight, electric current and magnets, mindscapes and many others.

Special exhibition "mirror, mirror"

From 17 April 2019 in Technorama

Become a park owner!

Support the construction of the new Technorama park. Decide how you would like to participate in the realization of the park with the bridge of miracles and many phenomenal exhibits.

Lightning and Gas Show

The two demonstrations present extraordinary experiments and provide fascinating insights.


Experiment a range of topics in biology, chemistry and physics – professional assistance is included!

Adventure Rooms

The solutions to the two riddles are based on surprising natural phenomena.

#mytechnorama: Doppelspiralen-Windspiel

Im Aprilwetter tanzen schöne Windspiele besonders hübsch. Wir basteln deshalb eine Doppelspirale, das man auch als Windspiel aufhängen ...

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#mytechnorama: CO2-Synthese

In der Küche steht so einiges rum, das wir für Experimente brauchen können. Für das heutige brauchen wir lediglich Essig und Backpulver ...

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#mytechnorama: Blätterfarben

Einige Blätter spriessen bereits aus ihren Knospen. Mit diesen können wir ein spannendes Experiment machen: Wir setzen uns mit den Farben ...

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