School classes are welcome!

With over 60,000 students in the class network (2017), Technorama is the largest out-of-school science learning institution in Switzerland.

As such, Technorama is not only widely recognized among education authorities in all cantons, but also among business circles, chambers of commerce and industry, as well as trade associations (keyword: STEM promotion).

Have you decided on Technorama as the destination for your class trip? You will find useful information here.

  • Directions

    Technorama can be easily reached by public transport, by car or by bus. Parking is available for cars and buses (CHF 7/day).

    Take advantage of reduced rates with the RailAway combined-ticket offers for school trips.

  • Study materials

    Our Eduthek «Plan. Search. Explore.» helps you to prepare and plan a visit to Technorama. You can use it to filter our offers by topic and create watch lists.

    Our didactics team has prepared activities and work assignments for you, including planning, instructions and tips for preparation and follow-up work.

    You will also find many experiments for the classroom and all our exhibits.

    Use our offering of activities and worksheets to compile a meaningful selection for your lesson or to create completely new assignments. Bear in mind that the worksheets should only take up a part of the class trip. Less is often more!

  • Give students free rein

    Our experiments are designed to be touched, tested, played with and, as a result, to (literally!) come to grips with natural phenomena. The focus of all methodological options should be the students› independent and self-directed approach. Coming to grips has nothing to do with scuffles and fisticuffs or senselessly fiddling around.

    Let your class wander, in small groups of two or three, through a exhibition or a group of exhibits. Thereafter, prompt them to return to the experiments they find most interesting, which often varies depending on their existing knowledge, their interests or sometimes even their mood. Allow them plenty of time to experience these phenomena. It is impossible to spend time at all exhibits during one visit.

    Your presence during the visit is essential and makes an important contribution to preventing mischief or even vandalism.

  • For multi-day visits

    If you are planning a visit to Technorama on two consecutive days with an overnight stay in Winterthur, then take advantage of this special half-day package.

    If you are searching for accommodation at favourable prices in the Winterthur region, you will find a range of overnight accommodation offers for groups on the House of Winterthur website.

  • Class welcome

    Upon your arrival at Technorama, you will have the opportunity to receive a short free welcome for your class. This includes an introduction to the exhibits and the procedure in the Technorama. The class greeting lasts 5 to 10 minutes. If you wish this welcome, a caregiver will take care of it immediately after check-in.

  • Labs

    You will find a wide range of offers for school classes in the labs at Technorama.

    The visit to workshops subject to a charge must be reserved in advance.

  • Follow up

    Let your students search for their own explanations and encourage them to describe their observations of the experiments in their own words. This is less about correct technical language and more about reprocessing the natural phenomena experienced.

    For the activities and work assignments, we provide more specific instructions on how to follow them up, where possible.

  • Prices for school classes

    Students 20 years and under CHF 19

    Schools in canton ZH (public & private): CHF 14

    Schools in Winterthur (public): CHF 12

    Half-day package (2 days with an overnight stay): CHF 16/half-day

    A school class is defined as a minimum of five pupils (up to 20 years of age) and one teacher accompanying these pupils.

    For each booking of up to 20 pupils, 2 accompanying persons are free of charge. For every 10 additional pupils in the same booking, we grant free admission to one additional accompanying person. Additional accompanying persons pay the normal admission price.

    > Book now!

  • Opening times didactics studio

    Arrange a personal appointment and combine your reconnaissance with a visit to our didactics studio. You can have the admission costs of your reconnaissance and preparation visit charged later with your class trip.

    Our didactic team is happy to consult teachers personally. Stop by the physics labs on the ground floor!

    Wednesday 1–3 pm.

    Consultations outside the opening times of the didactics studio are possible when arranged with our didactic team.

    Read our didactic concept.

  • Safe-deposit boxes

    For your luggage you will find wardrobes in the entrance area. Please contact the information desk.

  • Book class trip

    In general, we request that you book your class trip.

    We advise also using the special  combined RailAway ticket for school classes.

    If you have booked your class, you do not have to stand in line on the day of arrival. Go instead directly to the Information Desk for check in.

  • Meeting point and time

    Specify the meeting points and times!

    Remember that you and your students will not be able to see everything in Technorama in one day.

    Discuss with your class when and which shows are possible for you to visit and gather your class early enough in front of the respective lab so that the reserved workshop can begin on time.

    Arrange with your students one or several times to open the class locker.

    Recommended meeting points are the entrance to the exhibitions, areas at the main entrance and at the two exits to the park on the ground floor or in the front staircase (Turm 1) on the first floor.

    Plan plenty of time to meet prior to your departure as well. You will find a current bus and train schedule next to the exit.

  • Food and refreshments

    Plan a few breaks.

    If you have brought your own snack, enjoy it in the picnic area. If you would like to eat lunch in the restaurant, please reserve for your class and make a reservation for your class and benefit from six different menus especially for school classes.


    The restaurant is at your service as of 10.30 am.

  • Shows and Demonstrations

    Please refer to the daily programme for a listing of the public shows in the lightning or gas arena. Demonstrations for a smaller audience also take place daily: Superconductivity, Laser Kiosk and Coriolis Carousell.There are no guided tours indoors, except for the Technorama cabinet of curiosities.

  • How should I begin? Here's a suggestion

    At the beginning, show your class what is meant by the principle of «hands-on» at an experiment station.

    Let your class explore an exhibition in small groups (2-3 students) and assign these groups a specific task. Plan plenty of time for the students to set their own priorities.

    Demonstrations, shows or workshops can also serve to structure the class trip: as a highlight, or to add variety or delve further into a specific subject.

    By all means, allow your class to explore Technorama also on their own. Orientate yourself with our daily programme.

  • Plan plenty of time

    Plan on a minimum of three hours for your visit. Depending on the class level and objective of your visit, you might also spend a good five hours in Technorama.

    Bear in mind that you and your students will not be able to see everything in Technorama in one day. So take your time and come again!

    Do not visit other exhibitions and museums beforehand or plan any other visits immediately after your visit in Technorama. Your students were just in a Science Center and will presumably find it difficult to behave appropriately in another institution.