Off outdoors!

The power of the wind, the amazing properties of sunlight, the force of water – experience them all at the new park, "Technorama Outdoors". The majesty of natural phenomena is best experienced in the open air on the Wonder Bridge. Here, you can discover over thirty new outdoor attractions, experience a multitude of amazing natural phenomena together and stop for a while to recharge your batteries with a cosy picnic.

The 130-metre-long Wonder Bridge is the centrepiece. It offers breathtaking views and houses a series of impressive exhibits like the Depth Amplifier. It is also a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. Winding paths lead through the rod forest to pretty picnic spots, beautiful meadows and a large pond.

Other highlights include the impressive and fascinating water exhibits. Whether laminar water flow in the form of Jumping Jets to marvel at or five tonnes of water crashing into the deep: curiosity and enthusiasm are pre-programmed. You can even walk through the Captured Cloud! Besides the action-packed exhibits in XXL format, there are also works of art to discover such as the Water Vortex, presenting natural phenomena in an aesthetic way. Each visit is a leisure experience of a special kind.


From 14 June to 30 August 2024, the park will be open longer every Friday evening.

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Explore over 500 exhibits at Technorama – with just one ticket! Das Technorama ist täglich von 10 bis 17 Uhr geöffnet.