Everything You Need to Know

You will find answers to frequently asked questions about visits to Technorama listed below. Our staff members at the Information Desk would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

  • Lost property

    Have you lost something in Technorama? Lost and found items are deposited at the Information Desk and held for safekeeping at our lost-and-found office. Please notify us and describe the item as precisely as possible. Be sure to include the date of your visit.

    If you would like to pick up the item personally, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that the found item is ready for collection at the Information Desk. If you would like to have it returned via post, please note that there is a charge to cover the cost of returning lost property (postal charges and packing).

    Telephone inquiries are not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Age recommendation

    There is no reason to leave small children at home. Quite the contrary: their spontaneous curiosity makes them particularly exceptional visitors! We highly recommend the «The Sound of Wood» exhibition for small children.

    Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

    Read the report with pre-school children in the Technorama of Mamalicious (DE).

  • Directions and Parking

    Technorama can be easily reached by car or by public transport.

    We recommend that you arrive by public transport. If you arrive by car, there are plenty of parking spaces in front of the Technorama. There is a charge for these. You can pay with coins or with the Parkingpay app. We will use the revenue we generate for sustainable projects at Technorama, for example to promote environmentally friendly mobility or for energy-saving measures in the building.

    >> See Sustainability

  • Accessibility

    The entire exhibition is wheelchair accessible, including the labs and restaurant. Toilets are specifically indicated.

    Assistants who accompany persons with disabilities have free admission to Technorama. Assistance services are varied – assistants provide communicative, physical and emotional support and can come from a professional or personal environment.

    Because a major part of our experiments is interactive – meaning designed to touch and try – a visit to Technorama is also a fascinating experience for the visually or cognitively impaired.

    You can obtain a list of exhibits that are also well suited for the visually impaired at the Information Desk.

  • Visits outside opening times

    Technorama is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

    With an advance reservation and for an additional fee, it is also possible to visit Technorama before 10 am or after 5 pm. Please request a written offer at an early planning stage to outline the conditions via email at events@technorama.ch.

  • Birthday party in Technorama

    Is your child between the age of 7 and 15 and loves surprising experiments, tricky games and fascinating experiences? Then make your child’s birthday especially memorable by celebrating her or his birthday in Technorama !

  • Gift certificates

    Give a day in the Swiss Science Center Technorama as a present to your family members, friends and colleagues.

    You can order gift vouchers for the exhibition via the contact form.

  • Charging station for mobile phones

    There is a charging station in the entrance area that may be used for free to recharge your smartphone or other devices.

  • House rules

    Please read our house rules.

  • Advice for visitors with medical implants

    Certain exhibitions, exhibits and shows in Technorama have (electro)magnetic fields of various intensities, particularly in the «Et Cetera» and «Current and Magnets» exhibitions. However, people with medical implants can visit Technorama without any problem. Please observe our instructions at the respective exhibits.

    The precautions pertain to visitors with:

    • heartpacemakers and defibrillator implants
    • VP shunt implants with magnetic valves
    • cochlearimplants
    • pulsegenerators

    In order to avoid undesireable influences, please observe the information and warning signs at the respective exhibits and follow the experiment instructions for implants carefully.

  • Information on smartphone and EC card susceptibility to interference

    Certain sectors, exhibits and shows in Technorama have (electro)magnetic fields of various intensities. Warning signs are posted at such exhibits. However, if you follow the instructions carefully and avoid holding your devices, chips and cards directly on the exhibit, there should not be any interference.

  • Dogs

    Dogs and other animals are not permitted in the exhibtion.

    Exceptions are designated guide dogs for the visually impaired and assistance dogs for the motorically impaired. Please enquire at the Information Desk.

  • Strollers

    Strollers can be taken into the exhibition. The entire exhibition and the restaurant are pushchair-friendly. Changing tables can be found by the toilets next to the cloakroom.

  • Sustainability

    We promote the use of public transport by offering discounted RailAway tickets.

    On the one hand, the obligation to charge for the use of the parking spaces is intended to influence the choice of means of transport and, on the other hand, to provide funds to cover the costs of parking operations and for sustainability measures.

    Technorama has one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the city in operation on the roofs of its warehouses. With the output of this system, we completely cover our electricity needs for the park and exhibitions on many days.

    The paper towels in the building are recycled.

    Waste is collected separately and recycled wherever possible.

  • Prices, discounts and campaigns

    Please note the prices, reductions and campaigns on the page for opening times and prices.

    Visitors using public transport are advised to take advantage of the RailAway  combined-ticket offers featuring reduced train and admission prices!

    An annual membership is already worth it after your third visit in Technorama!The «2-Day Museum Pass» from the House of Winterthur is valid not only for Technorama, but also for other museums in Winterthur. It can be purchased directly in Technorama or House of Winterthur.

    Are you spending the night in Winterthur? Then take advantage of the Winterthur SCIENCE combined package offering a considerable reduction on admission and hotel rates.

    The Caritas Culture Card is valid together with a personal identity card. Price reductions in connection with other membership cards (e.g. Maestro or V PAY card, MasterCard or Visa Card from Raiffeisen, Coop Hello Family Card, STUcard, etc.) will not apply.

  • Reservation Workshops

    Public workshops are open daily from 1 to 1:45 pm. Tickets can only be obtained at the Information Desk for CHF 7.– per person.

    If you would like to you attend a workshop with a group or school class, you may book it online.

    The OpenLabs are available for one hour daily for all visitors. Please refer to the daily programme at the Information Desk. You can carry out the biology, chemistry and physics experiments independently in the OpenLabs. No reservation is necessary.

  • Lockers

    You will find lockers in the entrance area to store your baggage (with deposit). Please enquire at the Information Desk.

  • Languages

    Technorama generally operates in four languages. All of the approximately 500 experiment stations provide explanatory texts German, French, Italian and English.

    The shows and workshops are held in German (unless otherwise stated) as listed in the daily programme. On request, special shows and specific workshops can also be carred out in another language.

    There are explanatory texts in French, Italian and English for the lighting and gas show. Please request them at the Information Desk.

  • Food and refreshments

    The restaurant is open daily from 10.30 am to 3 pm.

    Have you brought your own snack? The picnic area in the atrium has seating for ca. 150 picnickers.

  • Payment method

    Tickets for the exhibition, workshops and Adventure Rooms can be paid for in Swiss francs and Euro at the ticket counter.

    The following means of payment are accepted:

    • Cash (CHF/EUR)
    • Mastercard
    • Maestro
    • Visa
    • Postcard
    • Diners Club
    • American Express
    • Reka card (not valid in the Shop)
    • Reka checks (not valid in the Shop, no change)
    • Winterthur cultural package vouchers (not valid in the Shop, no change)