Phenomenal birthday party

Is your child between 7 and 15 years old and loves surprising experiments, tricky games and fascinating experiences? Then make your child's birthday especially memorable by celebrating it in Technorama with her or his friends!

The package contains a visit to the exhibition, including the shows open to the public (seating reservations not possible) and a visit to a 45-minute workshop in our lab. All children receive a small farewell present from the Technorama Shop.

The «Science PLUS» package also includes a birthday party in the restaurant with muffins (with a sparkler for the birthday child) and beverages served at a decorated table after 2.30 pm.

Ice cream

Need an ice cream? We make our own from natural ingredients and freeze it in a flash with liquid nitrogen (minus 196 °C)! Please note: This workshop can only be booked from at least 8 years of age.


How can you light up fluorescent objects? Are you able to illuminate invisible parts of a treasure map and locate the treasure chest?

CSI Technorama

A burglary, an accident or a felony, crime scene investigations always begin with securing the evidence. Are you able to rule out the innocent?


Farben mischen mal anders: Wir bauen uns Kreisel und lassen damit bunte Papierscheiben tanzen. Plötzlich sehen wir Farben, die vorher gar nicht da waren. Wie kommt das? Und können wir mit nur drei Farben unsere Lieblingsfarben mischen?

Chocolate Atelier

Swiss chocolate is absolutely the best. But why does it have such an excellent reputation? Is there really a secret behind Swiss chocolate?

Unknown substance

In everyday life, we encounter many substances in the form of a white powder. Mostly we recognize it when we taste the powder with the tongue or smell it. Then it quickly becomes clear that it is powdered sugar or a detergent. But what if the white powder is poisonous?

Listen up!

hy can some creatures move their ears in all directions and we humans cannot? Why do we have two ears? And what would happen if we only had one ear? We playfully explore these questions with simple experiments. This workshop is suitabel for children in the age of 7 - 10 years.


CHF 35.– per child
Minimum charge of CHF 260.– for groups with less than eight children

Two adult chaperons are included in the price.
All children receive a small farewell present from the Shop.

PLUS offer
Beverages and one muffin per person served on a decorated table in the restaurant:
CHF 44.– per child
Minimum charge of CHF 320.– for groups with less than eight children