Follow your curiosity

Technorama is one of the largest science centres in the world. For this reason, you will hardly be able to see everything that we have to offer on three floors and at over 500 experiment stations in a single day.

So here's our tip: trust your instincts! The rest falls into place if you let your curiosity, joy in experimenting and play take the lead. We have different exhibitions for you so that you might find it easier to decide.


Technorama Outdoors

The park is open from April to October.

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Get into the swing of things with gyroscopes, pendulums and springs.

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Lightning arena (demonstration)

The most high-voltage demonstration of electricity you will ever see.

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Current and Magnets

From dancing magnets to currents in your own body: experience electromagnetism up close.

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Labs 1-4 / 7 (chemistry & physics)

Conduct your own experiments in our labs – with professional support included!

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Become a designer and build a machine using everyday materials.

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Science Arena (demonstration)

Experience Sigi’s phenomenal oxygen show.

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Temporary exhibition «mirror, mirror»

Play with the image of yourself.

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Labs 5-6 (biology)

Conduct your own experiments in our labs – with professional support included!

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Dying and living (biology)

The growing importance of life sciences.

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Believe it or not – the fun begins where maths starts!

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Water, Nature, Chaos

Experience the beauty of nature from its most fascinating and phenomenal side.

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This exhibition is dedicated to what is probably the greatest natural phenomenon of all: human perception.

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The Sound of Wood

Wooden machines to pedal and crank into action: irresistible fun with mechanics.

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Et Cetera

An array of extraordinary experiments, games and interactive art works.

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Light and Sight

Learn how light brings the world alive for us.

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Take a look behind the scenes and try out the prototypes of our new exhibits.

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Toy trains

Treasures from the largest collection of tinplate toys and model trains in the world.

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