Vision and Mission

The Swiss Science Center Technorama is the competence centre for the self-directed learning of phenomena in exhibitions, labs and outdoors. It shapes the manner in which the sciences are appreciated, learned and taught in Switzerland. As a result, it makes a unique contribution to scientific literacy among the population at large in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. The Technorama staff members set an example of dealing with science in a playful manner and share their enthusiasm with our guests. They are neither chaperons nor docents, but rather hosts and facilitators.

Attractive recreational facility

Technorama defines itself as an experimental field with exhibitions that enable interaction with phenomena from nature and technology in a self-directed manner.

Important education institution

Technorama makes an indispensable contribution to promoting STEM by filling children and youth with enthusiasm for the scientific and technical issues.

Ambassador of Switzerland

With its rentals and replicas of exhibits for other science centres, Technorama serves as an international ambassador for the exceptional quality of constructing exhibits «Made in Switzerland».

Innovative fair-weather destination

The expansion of the park with a spacious experiment landscape offers a counterpoint to the exhibition and increases the appeal of Technorama as a fair-weather destination.

Voice of the Visitor: Patrick aus Freiburg

Patrick macht mit seiner Familie Ferien in der Schweiz – und besuchen dabei das Technorama. Die Familie aus der Region Gruyère war schon ...

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Voice of the Visitor: Xenia im Vortex

Xenia hat ihre ganze Familie mit ins Technorama gebracht. Der Drehtunnel hat sie besonders beeindruckt: «Man steht still, aber es wird ...

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Voice of the Visitor: Jossi

Jossi ist ganz begeistert: «Ich probiere gerne Sachen aus und konnte sogar den schwebenden Kreisel fliegen lassen!» Der Ausflug mit Mama ...

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