Play with the image of yourself

Mirrors are amongst the most familiar objects of our everyday routine: they're in the bathroom, waiting for us in the morning, they help us when driving and they reflect the visible light in lamps and illuminations.

This special exhibition includes mirrors in all shapes and forms, as well as a composite "Matrix Mirror" that will produce strange distortions in your reflection and a non-stop series of surprising "wow!" effects. The confusing symmetries, asymmetries, the apparent left-right-but-not-up-down interchange quickly surpass the limits of human imagination, leaving you surprised and astonished!

Mirror games are often very simple – and yet so perplexing: at the Hinged Kaleidoscope, Polytakis and the many Kaleidoscopes, you can create the most beautiful figures and try out the strangest things.

We are particularly proud of the Cube to infinity, in which you find yourself in what seems to be a giant hall – with thousands of images of yourself. Expect a similar experience at the Dual Mirror, where you look into 55 reflections, but never see your neighbour.


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