Unique mirror images of art and science

Mirrors are among the most familiar things in everyday life: we glance at them in the morning in the bathroom, they help us drive our cars and reflect the visible light in lamps. The special exhibition "mirror, mirror" brings together more than forty inspiring and no less enjoyable experiments from the virtual world behind the mirrors.

In 2002, Technorama developed an exhibition of mirrors for the first time. After a tour halfway around the world, the exhibition has now been completely redesigned and supplemented with new exhibits. In addition to classic plane mirrors, spherical and concave mirrors create spectacular phenomena. Mirrors come in shapes of bells, cones and toroids, in combination as convex- or concave-cylindrical mirrors and assembled "matrix mirrors", which strangely deform our mirror image and allow surprising aha experiences.

Mirrors magically attract us. The confusing symmetries, asymmetries, the apparent left-right-but-not-top-down interchange quickly exceed the limits of human imagination. However, mirrors can also cause physical sensations and therefore will not leave the viewer emotionally untouched.

And because science always combines an aesthetic experience in the Technorama, numerous artists contributed ideas and exhibits in this exhibition. Among the almost inexhaustible varieties of kaleidoscopes («Schönbildschauern») are some true masterpieces for connoisseurs.


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