Become a scientist!

We offer public workshops and OpenLabs in the areas of biology, chemistry and physics daily in our labs. Our spectrum of offers ranges from an initial, perhaps more tinkering approach to the sciences in the form of simple experiments in the kitchen, to challenging topics including quantitative methods.

Normally, these offerings are held in German. On request, however, several workshops can also be booked in French, Italian or English.

Public workshops

The biology, chemistry and physics workshops open to the public are held daily and last 45 minutes. Tickets are available at the Information Desk – please book in due time.


An OpenLab – the "little brother" of the workshops, so to speak – approaches the respective topic more independently. After a brief introduction, you can experiment on your own.


We offer a series of workshops in the areas of chemistry, physics and biology for groups and school classes. They may last anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours, depending on the workshop.

Restricted offer

Please book the workshops online.

Please note that masks are mandatory for all visitors aged 12 and over.

Public Workshops for visitors

December 2020

January 2021

every day at 1 pm (German only)
Cost: CHF 6.– per person plus admission price
Maximum number of participants: 12 people (6 individuals or maximum 3 family groups of 4 persons each)

Book tickets for public workshops upon your arrival.

Workshops for groups

Cost: CHF 6.– per person plus admission price (min. CHF 60.–/workshop)
Maximum number of participants: 12
Please book workshops for groups online.

Workshops for school classes

Cost: CHF 4.– per student plus admission price (min. CHF 40.–/workshop)
Maximum number of participants: 12

Please book workshops for school classes online.

OpenLabs for visitors

You can visit an OpenLab free of charge and without booking in advance.

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