Learning through phenomena

As the largest out-of-school science learning institution in Switzerland, Technorama complements the school curriculum with its unique experimental field and lab resources.

Technorama is also an important continuing education institute for teachers and school classes of all levels. The primary focus of our training sessions aims to facilitate the teaching of science in a self-directed and experience-based manner so that it can be integrated into science education for different age groups in schools.

All offers are practice-oriented and competence-based. The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences promote the didactic offerings of Technorama as part of the «MINT Switzerland» programme (2017-2020).

Out-of-school learning centre

A class trip to Technorama is the optimal supplement to science lessons in school.

Training sessions

With practice-based training sessions, Technorama supports teachers in communicating science competently in their classroom lessons .

Teachers' café and reconnaissance visit

If you would like to get to know our school offers, arrange a reconnaissance visit first.

Activity and Exhibit Database

You will find resources for preparing and following up your class trip here.

The perfect class trip

You will find practical tips and everything you need to know for your class trip to Technorama here.

Didactic concept

Technorama's didactic concept is based on constructivist learning theories.

Mitarbeiter-Favorit: Zielstrebiges Gras

Manuel Gebert arbeitet sowohl im Chemie- als auch im Biologielabor. Und im neuen Biocampus hat er sein liebstes Exponat gefunden. Oder ...

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Voice of the Visitor: Patrick aus Freiburg

Patrick macht mit seiner Familie Ferien in der Schweiz – und besuchen dabei das Technorama. Die Familie aus der Region Gruyère war schon ...

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Voice of the Visitor: Xenia im Vortex

Xenia hat ihre ganze Familie mit ins Technorama gebracht. Der Drehtunnel hat sie besonders beeindruckt: «Man steht still, aber es wird ...

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