Swiss Science Center Technorama. Enabling people to understand the world and meet the challenges of the future

Fans and supporters of Technorama, be they private individuals or companies, help to ensure that Technorama can continue to pursue its goal of inspiring future generations with enthusiasm for science and technology with all its might.

For in order to master the ecological and social challenges of the 21st century, sufficient knowledge of the natural sciences and the understanding and also critical questioning of technology are essential.

With a bequest, you contribute in a particularly generous way to helping children and young people discover their talents and become familiar with scientific thinking and solution-oriented experimentation at an early age. So that one day they will be able to master the challenges of the future.

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Thanks to the cooperation with our partner organisation, you can create a will without any obligation and free of charge and take Technorama into account. You will be guided through the individual steps.

Funeral donation

«Donation in lieu of flowers»

Inform us of the name of the deceased person and the address of the bereaved family by e-mail or telephone. Note our donation account and IBAN number in the obituary as shown in the following example: «In lieu of flowers, remember the deceased with a donation to the Swiss Science Center Technorama.

Donation account IBAN: CH78 0900 0000 1522 9883 0, memo: Hans Muster»

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