Have you already been amazed today?

Apart from the interactive exhibitions involving natural phenomena, there are also spectacular shows and special demonstrations for smaller audiences in Technorama.

On request, we offer shows and demonstrations for you and your group in French, Italian or English as well. Please enquire at the Information Desk.

Natural history of a lightning flash

A superlative spectacle! Tension runs high in this fascinating play with voltages and currents causing lightning to flicker and copper wires to evaoprate.

Sigi's phenomenal oxygen show

The new oxygen show with the world-famous science show expert Sigi Hornbacher.

Demonstration: Coriolis Carousel

And yet it moves! Astonishing phenomena are revealed when one earth day only lasts four seconds.

Demonstration: Laser Kiosk

"Lucid" experiments with an extraordinary light: what is a laser, actually?

Lukin's journey – Mindscapes

Let Lukin and Gunda take you on a surprising journey of discovery into the phenomenal world of perception.
Temporarily not taking place


For screening times and other activities, please see the Day Programme.

All presentations and demonstrations are free of charge and will be conducted in German.

The lightning demonstration and «Sigi’s phenomenal oxygen show» take approximately 30 minutes. The smaller demonstrations for about 15 people on the topics of laser and the Coriolis carousel take approximately 15 minutes.

The film «The History of the Earth» is now also available online!