A lot depends on the teacher!

Do you get your students enthusiastic about science every day? We get you enthusiastic!

Our continuing education offerings for science teachers from the primary level to the secondary level II convey the principles and examples for inquiry- and discovery-based learning through phenomena with experiments, as well as highlighting the meaningful and supportive supplement to science lessons with a visit to Technorama.

In this sense, "Lehrplan 21" also shapes our teachers' training sessions in Technorama. Competence-orientation is by no means an abstract concept: "Lehrplan 21" can be implemented very concretely in science classes.

Individual training courses

We offer teachers one- or multi-day courses for different subject areas on a regular basis. In the process, you will become more familiar with natural phenomena and Technorama.

In-school training

Spend a training day in Technorama with your school team and become acquainted with our practice-oriented didactics for interactive learning.

Course Constructivist Systemic Didactics

Supplement your individual training at Technorama with a course in constructivist systemic didactics.

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#mytechnorama: Doppelspiralen-Windspiel

Im Aprilwetter tanzen schöne Windspiele besonders hübsch. Wir basteln deshalb eine Doppelspirale, das man auch als Windspiel aufhängen ...

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#mytechnorama: CO2-Synthese

In der Küche steht so einiges rum, das wir für Experimente brauchen können. Für das heutige brauchen wir lediglich Essig und Backpulver ...

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#mytechnorama: Blätterfarben

Einige Blätter spriessen bereits aus ihren Knospen. Mit diesen können wir ein spannendes Experiment machen: Wir setzen uns mit den Farben ...

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