Outdoors on Fridays

Science and culture united in the park

Event evenings and park pure from 17.30 to 22.00 hrs each.

Leonardo da Vinci, as a universal genius, would probably be delighted if he could see how the disciplines of art and science unite again here in the park "Technorama Outdoors". They are not mutually exclusive, but enrich and inspire each other.

Experience what happens when, for example, magic meets neuropsychology, artistry meets the physics of human movement or music meets vibrations and sound. Outside the usual opening hours, enjoy the creative energy and the unique ambience of our new park "Technorama Outdoors" and discover it as a meeting place.

We and all the participants look forward to welcoming you outside on Fridays.


Cosy summer evenings in the park :
Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can immerse yourself in our park "Technorama Outdoors": a place of encounter. Enjoy a cosy summer evening - with friends, family or colleagues. Enjoy a glass of wine or a refreshing non-alcoholic drink and experience the power of the wind, the amazing properties of sunlight, the force of water or the impressive Wonder Bridge with what is probably the largest drop of water in the world. In addition, exciting hands-on experiments await you.


An evening full of music and musical experiments
Our Thorsten Künnemann (director/biologist) and Armin Duff (exhibition manager/physicist) embark on a journey through a world of vibrations and sound together with the up-and-coming Winterthur band NAKED and their mix of soulful pop, funk, folk and reggae. Together they explore physics and the perception of music.


Numerous performances to discover
Art, artistry, music, magic, science, experiments and more. Throughout the park, there will be various performances by in-house talent and external guests throughout the evening. The boundaries between art and science experiments are blurred.


Science Theatre Sports Battle
Theatre sports are known all over the country. But watch out, at Technorama it's all about science! The improv crew of the Casinotheater Winterthur meets Technorama employees, complete with exciting experiments. You can bet that even the experienced improv professionals will be thrown for a loop!


Insight into physics through dance and artistry
Technorama employees Emma Shockley (physicist/dancer) and Andreas Herrmann (engineer/artist) will open the evening with practical workshops on the physics of human movement. In the following show block, dancer Caroline Staubli and her company will perform, followed by artistic highlights.


Magic and neuropsychology
The Winterthur neuro-mentalist and magician Pad Alexander, together with our Marco Miranda (research assistant/astrophysicist), takes a look behind the scenes of his magic art. What happens in the brain, why do we deceive ourselves, what is behind it neuropsychologically? An evening full of magic and aha moments.


The atmospheric final event with a fiery note
The last event evening is all about fire and light. The Technorama show team will present spectacular fire experiments, the group Chispa Firedance from Winterthur will enchant with their poetic fire show and the park and the exhibits will shine in a very special light.

Tickets & Prices Event Evenings

The box office is open until 7 pm for last-minute bookings. It’s best to buy your ticket online. (The number of seats is limited).

CHF 30.00

Evening ticket for adults

CHF 20.00

Evening ticket under 16 years

CHF 15.00

Evening ticket surcharge on regular daytime admission for adults

CHF 10,00

Evening ticket surcharge on regular daytime admission for children


Evening Ticket Members Benefactors› Association SGPT

Tickets & Prices Park Pur

For last-minute bookings, the box office is open until 7 pm.

CHF 9.00

Evening ticket adults

CHF 5.00

Evening ticket under 16 years

CHF 5.00

Surcharge to the regular day admission (for all)


  • Food and drink: The crew of our catering partner (ZFV) will take care of your physical well-being at the food trailer. The chef has prepared a small but delicious menu.
  • Admission from 17.30
  • The exhibition sectors in the building close regularly at 17.00 hrs.
  • The event evenings will take place in all weathers. In case of very bad weather, we will move the shows indoors.
  • Toilets available

Food & Drinks

The crew of our catering partner (ZFV) will take care of your physical well-being at the food trailer. There is a small but fine food offer and a large selection of drinks waiting for you. Especially for Fridays Outdoors we have even created a few cool drinks with special effect...

Impressions Fridays Outdoors 2021

In this blog post you will find a few picture impressions from last year’s programme for your inspiration….

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