Lukcy your brians read aolng with yuor eeys!

This area of the exhibition is dedicated to probably the greatest natural phenomenon anywhere: human perception. Here, you can experience yourself as a phenomenon.

Amazing experiments show how sensory stimuli and perception are connected and which individual mindscape the brain constructs in this process. Many exhibits will surprise you even as you walk by them: you won't discover what your brain is automatically trying to correct until you are just a few steps away from the Reversed Perspective exhibit, for example.

And because dialogue is often the only way to verify much of what we believe to be our perception, the exhibition as a whole is presented in a highly interactive way. So, prepare to be especially fascinated by the Machine to be another with which you can find out how it probably feels to be in another person's shoes.

The Rotating Tunnel that pinpoints the role of sight in keeping your balance is a particularly great exhibit for visitors with a strong stomach! The Ames Room and the Distorted Room will also amaze and fascinate visitors with optical illusions.

Show: Lukin's Travels

Let Lukin and Gunda take you on a journey of discovery into the world of perception.

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