The fascinating aspects of nature

Chaos begins where classical science reaches its limits. The irregular side of nature and its erratic and unpredictable behaviour have always challenged scientists and researchers. Several exhibits are dedicated to chaos in this area of the exhibition. The Chaotic fountain, for example, illustrates the famous butterfly effect particularly well: the image for the impossibility of predictions due to certain initial conditions and physical laws.

You can also discover the beautiful sides of nature in this area of the exhibition: have a go at making giant Soap Bubbles or at releasing perfectly formed Cloud Rings into the air. A literal highlight of this area is the Fire Tornado that whirls almost five metres high, rendering the unbridled force of nature visible in the most impressive way.

Music lovers can show off their talents at the Raindrop Drums and prove that a little water is often all you need to have real fun. And in quiet moments, you can watch the water drops in slow motion with the fascinating Strobe Fountain or linger over your thoughts with the galactic Icy Bodies whirling around.


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