You can tinker and build here!

The Tinkering Lab is equipped with the kind of simple tools and various materials found in every home: eggboxes, yoghurt pots, milk cartons, batteries, adhesive tape, pens, aluminium foil, straws and much more. On your own or with the help of our hosts, you can use it all to build a motorised drawing machine, assemble a cardboard automat with a self-made mechanism or develop a vehicle powered by air.

Plenty of challenges await you at the Tinkering Lab: how many forks can you stack? At the marble run wall, who can build the longest marble run out of cardboard rolls and waste plastic? And who can fold a paper plane that stays in the air in the wind tunnel? Find out how an electric circuit works and light up as many lights as possible! Or would you rather compose the latest summer hit with our music machine or enchant other visitors with your own light show? Unleash your creativity!


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