A look behind the socket

Electricity can't be perceived directly as a phenomenon – and yet we use it every day. From the electrically amplified sound of music to generators, we shine a spotlight on everything that was previously hidden in the darkness of the socket. You will quickly notice the connection with magnets and see how magnets are difficult to control and often behave as if possessed by mercurial spirits.

So, try out some stuff that sticks, quite literally! At the Magnetic Games, you can build sculptures with magnetism and play with "sticky" metal tokens. With both hands, the incredible force of magnets becomes truly tangible!

The Dancing Trees are one of our favourites in this area of the exhibition: tiny iron particles cover a field like fur. At the push of a button, see how crazily vibrating turbulent patterns appear, which seem to move to music in a choreography of their own doing, or controlled by you.

Lightning Show

This superlative electricity show is a high-voltage, hair-raising affair!

Demonstration: Superconductivity

See how a toy locomotive races around curves – without wheels, without friction.

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