The cycle of nature

What makes biology so exciting? Life itself. It is tricky, adaptable, merciless, unpredictable. This topic is worthy of its own section at Technorama. «Dying and living» shows the growing importance of life sciences – also within Technorama.

The exhibits in «Dying and living» focus on the creation and decay of life, one of the most exciting topics in biology. Biological processes are both effective and efficient: everything is recycled, nothing is wasted. In the battle for scarce resources, it is almost impossible to predict which organism will ultimately win and who will have to take a back seat: Life seems to interpret the laws of nature anarchically, so to speak.

«Dying and living» is located directly in front of the biology laboratories and gets visitors in the mood for biology – also atmospherically with its exhibits embedded between plants. It focuses more on the guests as part of nature, not abstractly via natural laws, but up close and personal. New fields of activity are created that arouse visitors' curiosity in a surprising way.

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