Roundabouts, pendulums – and you, right in the middle!

With some people, we're totally on the same wavelength, and some things just swing into place. In football, we're all fascinated by that decisive goal, scored with just the right amount of spin. It all goes to show: mechanics and physics are everywhere!

In this area of the exhibition, concepts such as wavelength, resonance, momentum and spin literally become tangible. Hands-on involvement and active engagement with phenomena allow you to see connections here – and in everyday life.

The Pendulum Cradle is an eye-catcher: one ball collides with several middle ones before the ball right at the back is knocked outward by the same distance. Another particularly enjoyable exhibit is the Rodeo Gyroscope: take a ride and you'll feel the effect of physics on your whole body!

At the Turntable, you can play together to try to get as many balls and discs as possible to turn on the plate. Or you can compete against each other in a game of billiards with a twist.

Art lovers will find the Harmonograph in the Mechanics section: this device uses two differently adjusted pendulums to create fascinating drawings. Each work of art is unique!

Demonstration: Coriolis Carousel

Some amazing phenomena occur when a day lasts just four seconds.

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