For maths lovers and sceptics

Think that the fun stops where the maths begins? That's an idea we aim to subtract here! This area of the exhibition is dedicated to a simple but ambitious goal: to arouse your curiosity for this often unloved queen of the sciences.

From the formula of Pythagoras and the infinite number Pi to Leonardo Da Vinci with his mathematical bridge: with so many varied and visually appealing exhibits, this area of the exhibition definitely does not get stuck in dry theory.

For tinkerers, the puzzle tables are a paradise: the idea here is to solve various puzzles using both your brains and your hands. The variously shaped Ball Races with their seemingly completely illogical results will appeal to those who like things to behave contrary to expectations.

And if you need a break from all the thinking, you'll enjoy looking at the Sisyphus III exhibit and watching as a steel ball draws curves and patterns in the sand as if by magic.

Incidentally, you'll also find the inspiration for the Technorama logo in this area of the exhibition: the Moebius Strip with only one face and one edge, along which a toy locomotive can drive.


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