How light sets the scene for the world

Nothing determines our perception of the world more than light. Although not actually tangible, this exhibition area offers a real hands-on experience with its countless experiment stations. Here, visitors weave with light and throw Coloured Shadows where one would actually expect black ones. Polarised Light quite literally casts our environment in another light.

The You & Me exhibit, where you can merge your face with the one opposite, is a special attraction.

And you can also test the capabilities and limits of the human eye at various experimental stations: Follow the pulsation of your red blood cells on your own retina, look deep into your own pupil and find out how the brain constructs your image of the world.

Or discover plasma, the stuff of which stars are made. Exciting and aesthetic experiments with this fourth state of matter are gathered here. Dompt serpentine strands of electrons with your bare hands – at Europe's largest Plasma Ball! Or play the game of colours on the Light Organ.

Demonstration: Laser Kiosk

You will learn about some of the properties of laser light: illuminating experiments with a special light.

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