Combined ticket

Would you like to combine your adventure in the AdventureRooms Technorama with a visit to the Technorama? No problem! You can combine your admission to both venues and take advantage of a discount.

However, this only applies if you visit the Technorama and the AdventureRooms Technorama on the same day. The combined ticket is only valid for game slots during Technorama opening hours between 10 am and 5 pm (including the game at 5:05 pm), NOT for the evening games.

There are two options.

Try your luck on the spot

See if there are still game slots available once you arrive at the Technorama. Especially on weekdays, you can sometimes be lucky!

With this combined ticket, you pay the regular admission price to the Technorama of CHF 33 (with discounts for children, students, AHV, etc.) + CHF 18 per person for the AdventureRooms.

Play it safe

If you want to be on the safe side, you can book your slot here on the site. On the day, you can report to the Technorama main cash desk with your booking confirmation.

You will then pay CHF 38 for the regular admission price for the AdventureRooms Technorama and admission to the Technorama exhibition is then only CHF 18 per person.