The Technorama is open again

The hygiene and distancing rules as well as a general mask obligation apply for guests and employees. Additional rules, adjustments and processes are described in a protection concept in accordance with the specifications of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

The number of people in the building is limited to 850 and the current number will be displayed online and in front of the entrance. Please note the capacity indicator (thermometer). Green means low occupancy, orange means medium occupancy and red means that the daily quota has been reached and no more tickets are available.

Use the option of purchasing your tickets online in advance.

We're looking forward to your visit!

  • Limited number of visitors

    There is a daily visitor limit in the Technorama as well as in the outdoor area. The capacity is indicated on the LED wall at the entrance.

    If the visitor limit is reached, we have to limit admission. We ask for your understanding.

    Groups are only allowed if they are schoolchildren, families or people from the same household.

    It’s best to ensure your visit with an online ticket.

  • Annual Passes SGPT

    A contingent is reserved for annual pass holders of the Schweizerische Gesellschaft Pro Technorama (SGPT). You can come to Technorama at any time without having to consider the current occupancy rate.

  • Mask obligation

    Please note that masks are compulsory for all visitors aged 12 and over. This applies to all exhibition rooms, all laboratory facilities, the AdventureRooms, the restaurant, the shop and the entire outdoor area.

  • Adjusted programme

    There are currently no shows and demonstrations taking place.

    The AdventureRooms and a limited range of workshops can be booked again from May.

    The open-lab operation (free experimentation in the laboratory) is taking place, but the number of guests per lab is limited to a maximum number of 8 persons or 2 family groups.

    Please book the workshops online.

    For hygienic reasons, exhibits with direct face contact (mouth, nose, eyes) will also be closed (e.g. pin screens) or wet wipes will be provided for cleaning.

  • Shop

    No more than 15 people may be admitted at a time. Masks are compulsory for all customers over 12 years of age.

  • Restaurant and picnic zones

    The restaurant is operated by the ZFV according to the specifications of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and it is temporarily open from  10.30 am – 2 pm (warm kitchen 11.30 am until 1.30 pm)

    The indoor area of the restaurant will be open again from Monday 31 May 21.
    Tables and picnic areas are available on the terrace, in the atrium and in the park.

    The Sunday brunch is temporarily not taking place.

  • Seminar Rooms and Events

    Seminars are possible again from Monday, April 19, 2021.

    Events are limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

    Furthermore, masks are mandatory and the contact details of all participating persons must be recorded.

    Food and drinks may generally only be consumed while seated.

    Please call us, we will be happy to advise you.

  • Washing hands

    Washing facilities with water and soap are provided in the toilets. In addition to the soap and paper towel stands in the toilet facilities, disinfectant stands are available at the entrance and at the access to all sectors. Soap, paper towels and disinfectant are checked and refilled regularly.

    There are over 10 separate toilet facilities in the building. For this reason, crowding will hardly occur and all toilets may only be used by a maximum of two persons.

  • Cleaning

    The cleaning intervals for interaction surfaces (buttons, handles, objects) in the exhibition and frequently touched surfaces (door handles, banisters, lift buttons, beverage vending machines) will be increased.

    In addition to basic cleaning at the end or at the start of the day, two additional cleaning rounds will be carried out at midday and in the afternoon. If necessary, particularly exposed locations will be cleaned more frequently.

  • Protection concept

    Reminders of the protective measures of the FOPH will be posted at the entrances to the building, to the restaurant and at all sector entrances. We will remind our guests of the distancing rules in announcements.

    Technorama has documented all measures in an official protection concept.