Education as adventure

During a day at Technorama, pupils discover their curiosity for the subject areas of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (MINT) and experience enthusiasm for learning. This process happens hands-on, because we enable them to grasp by touching.

Learn to carry this enthusiasm into everyday school life and to design your lessons as an adventure! Visit the course "Teaching as Adventure".

Didactic understanding

The question of how to teach so that learning can take place is central. Learning is a subjective process: knowledge is constructed individually by each person.

Thus, input does not correspond to output. Although every teacher strives for clarity - and as strange as it may sound: at the end of the day, every student decides for himself or herself what has been learned.

Designing learning environments

Because it is not possible to teach directly, it is the teacher's task to create coherent stimuli.

The focus of didactics must be on the design of learning environments. With coherent stimuli, each pupil learns individually - depending on personal backgrounds, wishes and talents.

Structure of the course

The course «Teaching as Adventure» is based on the assumption that every teacher knows best how to develop and learn personally. That is why the course is an adventure: each teacher decides for him- or herself which further training courses are best suited for him or her personally.

The course consists of nine freely selectable courses and two compulsory courses.


You can start the course at any time. Just start with the first course.

Selectable courses

You can attend courses of your choice from the Technorama’s continuing education programme for teachers for a minimum of nine course days over a period of two to five years.

Courses attended from 2018 onwards can be credited towards the course.

"Teaching is communication"

The two-day course «Teaching is Communication» is an integral part of the course. You decide for yourself whether you attend this course at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the training.

Closing event

The course ends with a one-day final event where the participants each interactively lead a self-designed learning environment. The experiences are reflected on together.


A certificate will be issued for the course, attesting to all the courses attended.

Attention, the course is dangerous!

Your teaching will be permanently changed by the course: Those who have experienced the adventure in the classroom can no longer be without it. Because for all those who have seen their students in the joy of research and experimentation, there is no turning back!