Technorama Park

There is no place better than outdoors to experience natural phenomena involving the sun, wind and water.

Technorama's spacious park is not only a lovely place to enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Nature is also an optimal alternative programme to the intensive world of experience inside Technorama, thereby providing an ideal complement to the exhibition and labs. You don't want to miss experimenting with our large exhibits in the open air!

The park is open from Easter to the end of October.

Park project 2021

Over the next few years, an attractive experiment landscape will be created in the Technorama park, offering exciting interaction between the natural environment and experiment stations, as well as recreation and relaxation.

Wonder bridge

The wonder bridge is the centrepiece of the new park: a 130m x 10.30m platform with a height of 16.80m offers ample space for exhibits, experiences and simply lingering.