Technorama Park

There is no better place than outdoors to experience natural phenomena involving the sun, wind and water.

Technorama's spacious park is not only a lovely place to enjoy the fresh air. Nature is also an perfect alternative to the intensive world of experience inside Technorama, providing an ideal complement to the exhibition and labs. You don't want to miss experimenting with our large exhibits in the open air!

The park is open from Easter until the end of October. Despite current construction work, the southern part of the park is accessible to visitors.

Summer event: H2Orchestra

Look forward to pumping rods, chuckle-drums, tubular bells and much more! Or would you rather play the paddle piano and the water organ? At this year's summer event at Technorama there's a lot to play with and even more to hear.

Göötschst du mit?

The H2Orchestra is a music playground for young and old. It consists of over 50 instruments on which water musicians can create the most exciting sounds.

Splash and make music with us from July 15th to August 25th 2019 in Technorama Park.

Become a park owner!

In the following years, an attractive experimental landscape will be created in the Technorama Park in an exciting interplay of nature experience and experimental stations, recreation and relaxation.
The Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects (SIA) has been a partner from the very beginning.

Support the construction of the new Technorama park. Decide how you would like to participate in the realization of the park with the bridge of miracles and many phenomenal exhibits.

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