Measuring Man

The "Measuring Man" special exhibition was created in 2011 and – following its 'guest' appearances in France, Germany and Poland – is considered one of Technorama's most successful special exhibitions.

Visitors can demonstrate and measure the full use of their physical strength here by estimating, touching, jumping, taking aim, acting or reacting. Thirty experiment stations are available for actively testing their heart, lungs, eyes, muscles, skin, vocal chords, nerves and much more.

The double entendre of the exhibition title refers to two aspects of the word "measure". On the one hand, it refers to the many different possibilities of carrying out measurements on one's own body: ranging from lung volume and hearing capacity to reaction time. On the other hand, the title alludes to the fact that measuring the world with our senses is in a constant state of flux. The rate of success can vary, as the numerous experiments in the exhibition reveal.

Trailer: "Measuring Man" special exhibition

Technorama "Measuring Man" Trailer from Technorama on Vimeo.