A Day Outdoors

The new excursion destination "Technorama Outdoors" fascinates and inspires in equal measure. And it is perfect for a day trip: young and old can take in amazing perspectives and have new experiences here. There are more than thirty new outdoor attractions to discover in the exciting open-air experimental landscape. Experience many amazing natural phenomena together and recharge your batteries with a cosy picnic in between.

Have you always wanted to learn something new? Would you like to have fun and a good time? Do you want to do something together with others or would you rather explore a phenomenon by yourself? Be surprised by the unexpected and marvel at the beauty of natural phenomena!

The main attraction is the 130-metre-long Bridge of Wonders. It offers breathtaking views and houses a number of impressive exhibits. It is also a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. Weaving paths lead through the pole forest to cosy picnic spots, beautiful meadows and a large pond.

Other highlights are impressive and fascinating water exhibits. Whether marvelling at the laminated impression created by water or at the five tonnes of water thundering into the depths, curiosity and enthusiasm are guaranteed. You can even walk through a standing cloud! In addition to all these fascinating and action-packed XXL exhibits, Technorama Outdoors also impresses with a series of artworks that, through an aesthetic approach, allows our guests to explore natural phenomena more closely. All this makes a visit to our park a very special experience.

The Gloor Family: Who Are We?

You can discover so much in just one day at Technorama! We’ll tell you here about everything we experienced at Technorama Outdoors.

Check in with us each week to hear about a new adventure and exciting background information on individual exhibits. You will also find experiments to try at home here – and you can participate in one or other of the competitions trough Facebook and Instagram.

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Why do I go to Technorama?

One ticket - more Technorama!

With your regular Technorama admission ticket, you can now not only discover over 500 exhibits inside the building - explore the new park "Technorama Outdoors" as well! A visit to the park is included in the day admission.

The Technorama is open to the public daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Come with us!

The Gloor family takes you on a tour of exploration through our latest sector, offering you a glimpse of the fascinating world of natural and technical phenomena. And, for all those who just can't wait for their next visit to Technorama, the "Technorama @ home" series also offers a wealth of topical experiments which can be enjoyed at home.

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