The History of the Earth

Unfortunately, our exhibits cannot be put online, as most of them only work "hands on". But you can watch our film "The History of the Earth", which is shown in the orbitarium, at home.

Would you like to know how our planet could have been formed and how it has developed over millions of years? The film is commented by astrophysicist Dr. Bruno Deiss. He takes the viewers on a journey through time to the most important stations in the formation of the cosmos and the Earth.

We will discover, how the Moon and the planet Theia, liquid water, the distance from the sun or habitable zone, the Sun itself, the stability of the earth’s axis, the earth’s magnetic field, plate tectonics, vulcanism and the gases (in particular oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere have influenced the origin and development of life on this planet. And we will see how life processes themselves have produced changes on the Earth.

Especially for secondary school students, it is a compact compilation of many exciting contexts and a good starting point for tasks and discussions on the topics of earth, planets, moon, evolution of life and much more.