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Our Special exhibition, “Klangwelten” / “Soundscapes”, was developed in 2014 and is devoted to a huge range of sounds, how they are produced and how they are perceived.
The world is full of noises, practically everywhere. Wherever things, animals and people move, they set the air around them in vibration, and our ears respond to these sound waves. Without our hearing there would be no music, whose rhythms and melodies touch our emotions. Hearing is our most important means of communication with the world. Acoustic vibrations of the air, produced by metal, glass, wood and plastic can also be rendered visible and as vibrations even sensed by the whole body.

The entire travelling exhibition consists of 24 exhibits and requires a floor space of around 500m2.  5 of the exhibits produce a lot of sound and require special sound insulating surrounds (appropriate partitions can be supplied on request). The exhibition is acoustically quite demanding; so a closed space is recommended.

Exhibit texts are available in German, French, Italian and English. The exhibition may only be loaned in its entirety, the loan of separate exhibits is not possible.

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Die Filme sind Impressionen aus der Sonderausstellung 2014 „Klangwelten“ die angebotene Wanderausstellung ist eine Auswahl daraus, es sind nicht alle vorkommenden Exponate darin enthalten.

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