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Mirror, Mirror…

Unendlichkeitswürfel Foto Nina Stiller



The “Mirror, Mirror…” special exhibition from 2010 comprises 34 unique objects that allow visitors to experiment with the amazing phenomena of mirror images.

Not only did “Mirror, Mirror…” fascinate some 300,000 visitors in Winterthur, it also became the crowd favourite in Oakland, California, and in Helsinki, Finland.

The entire “Mirror, Mirror…” touring exhibition, with all its exhibits, requires ca. 700m2 of space; a reduced version with ca. 25 components ca. 500m2. Homogenous lighting conditions are necessary for the exhibition.

Explanatory texts in German, French, Italian and English are available for all of the exhibits.

The rental of individual exhibits from the ensemble of the “Mirror, Mirror…” travelling exhibition is not possible.

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