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Tips and Need-to-knows

Information for non-German speaking visitors
Most of Technorama's 500-odd interactive exhibits have explanatory text in English, French and Italian on cards at the exhibit.


Parking places
The main parking places for passenger cars and coaches are situated straight in front of the main entrance. There are more parking places alongside the railway tracks and in front of the storage buildings.


Baggage and rucksacks
You will find lockers in the entrance area to store your baggage.


Visitors with medical implants
aeskulap Visitors with medical implants or devices can obtain safety instructions at the information desk or download an information sheet here. Please observe the information boards in the various sectors as well. If you have further questions, feel free to ask our staff – they would be happy to assist you.


The demonstrations according to the daily program are in German. At the Electricity show scripts in foreign languages are provided (available in F/I/E). As a matter of course the explainers will be at your's disposal for any informations and suggestions.


Visiting Technorama outside business hours
With advance notification we will try to arrange your visit outside opening hours. Be sure to ask about this at an early stage (Tel. +41 (0)52 244 08 44).


No reason to leave them at home. Far from it! Their spontaneous curiosity makes them particularly favoured visitors.


Handicapped persons
All the exhibitions and public areas are wheelchair accessible. On prior reservation an in-house wheel chair is available.
Since most of our exhibits are interactive, i.e. built for touching and manipulating, Technorama is a great experience even for the visually impaired.


Lost property
Have you lost something in Technorama? Lost and found items are deposited at the information desk and held for safekeeping at our lost-and-found office. You can notify us via email at Please describe the item as precisely as possible and include the date of your visit.
We will then confirm via email whether this item is at our lost-and-found office. If you would like to pick it up personally, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that the found item is ready for collection at the information desk. If you would like to have it returned per post, please note that there is a charge to cover the cost of returning lost property (postal charges and packing).
Telephone enquiries are not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

In case you arrive before the opening of the exhibiton (or you would like to stay a little bit longer), the Self Service Restaurant is open from 9 am to 6 pm. You will find a wide-ranging choice - from light snacks to main meals, including vegetarian dishes.


Swiss Association Pro Technorama (SGPT)
Become a member of our Friends Association, SGPT. Over 14,000 members are already signed-up. Membership will provide you with an annual ticket, so that you can visit our exhibition as often as you like.