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Travelling exhibitions and exhibit rentals

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Over the past 20 years, the Swiss Science Center Technorama has gained an excellent reputation around the world due to the outstanding quality and educational function of its exhibitions. They are developed in-house, with many of the individual exhibits constructed in our own workshops.

The exhibitions and their individual exhibits from the Swiss Science Center have been frequently displayed on a loan basis or as replicas in Germany, France, Great Britain, Finland, Russia and the USA.

Travelling exhibition

A total of 25 special exhibitions have been created since1990. Four of these are currently available for rent as travelling exhibition:

Each travelling exhibition is documented in detail in a separate exhibition portfolio, including the necessary technical information. Explanatory texts in German, French, Italian and English are available for most of the exhibits.

Size of the travelling exhibition

The travelling exhibition of the Swiss Science Center Technorama vary with regard to the number of exhibits and/or technical requirements (space requirement, lighting, water and power supply, supervision, etc.). A minimum of fifteen (15) exhibits comprises a travelling exhibition from the Swiss Science Center Technorama.


On-site supervision by trained personnel for the travelling exhibition is obligatory. Depending on the situation, the Swiss Science Center Technorama may provide its own support staff.


The rental fees for travelling exhibition depend on the number of exhibits and the rental duration. In addition, there are insurance costs for the individual exhibits, for the transport thereof, including transport insurance, and for the support staff, where applicable.


Please contact Ms. Petra Schaniel for further information, either via e-mail or by telephone +41 52 244 08 40.