Content - Scintillating Grid

Scintillating* Grid

Instead of white circles at the intersections of the white lines in the pattern, we see quite sharply defines black dots. These disappear and reappear in other places as we scan the pattern. As in the case of the Hermann Grid, we only see the dots in the peripheral zone of vision, not in the area being directly looked at. If you look at a particular spot, you won't find a black dot there!



What's going on?

The illusion also works with only one eye open, but fewer dots flicker on and off. Unlike the Hermann Grid, this illusion is not well understood. It cannot be a simple contrast phenomenon, neither does it depend on the regular grid structure, as it also occurs with irregular patterns.

* Scintillating (from the latin, scintilla: a spark) means sparkling or twinkling. Stars twinkle because their light is disturbed by small-scale density variations in the atmosphere.