Content - Water, Nature, Chaos

Water, Nature, Chaos


Eisblumen wachsen

Eisblumen wachsen (Detailansicht durch Polarisationsfilter)

Ball am Wasserstrahl

Oszillonen und seismische Muster


Kartesischer Taucher


Open up nature's bag of tricks.

"All art is but imitation of nature." (mostly accredited to Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c.5 BC - 65 AD)

The Technorama water adventure begins even before you enter the building. In front of the building you will find a pond with a very chaotic fountain, an enormous tap floating in mid-air and a pool with a system of water-wheels and Archimedes screws with handles to move water with human power. A perfect opportunity to use up some youthful energy- water play is everyone's favourite.

Once inside, we encourage you to meander slowly through the swirling waves and currents of the exhibition appreciating the simple beauty of nature and forming a picture in your mind of the intricacies of chaos theory. The irregular flowing of a river, for example, has changed the scientific landscape in recent years as scientists have tried to explain the regular and irregular patterns of nature.

Previously baffling phenomena have now been explained mathematically by chaos theorists. The Technorama exhibition presents these phenomena and theories in a tactile and understandable way.

Some Examples:

The "Chaotic Fountain" for example, is the epitome of this sector, showing the famous butterfly effect whereby from the initial conditions the outcome of a chaotic reaction is impossible to predict.

In liquid that flows smoothly the flow is laminar. If other forces act against it the currents become turbulent, like waves on a beach or cream as you stir it into coffee. "Turbulent Orb" contains a swirling mass of eddies and currents that remind one of the Earth's or Jupiter's atmosphere.

From sand-dunes to cell-structures, earthquakes to pulsing magma, many of the earth's phenomena are presented here in scaled-down versions so that we can experience them in a perceivable scale of time and space.

The pièce de résistance of this section is clearly the "Fire Tornado". This five meter high spinning twister is an unforgettable experience.