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wurde auf der Suche nach "Nessie" auf dem Seegrund von Loch-Ness gefunden

Tenderlokomotive von Louis Vogelsanger


Lokomotive "VAUCLAIN"

Dampfantrieb Spur I, Carette Nürnberg, 1905-12


For the young and the young at heart.

Clear the tracks for a visit to the world's number one metal toy collection (Dr. Bommer) - This great display of miniature rarities was completely refurbished in February 2004, with technical and design improvements, and an expanded display. The new exhibition offers an extended exploration of tinplate toy nostalgia and its curios.

Each train will astound you! Tsars and kings, they say, fell on their knees before them. It is no wonder that "Tinplates" - as fans and collectors call them - are eagerly sought-after collectibles, as well as status symbols, many of them dating from the period around 1900. Technorama is home to the world's greatest toy train collection (the Dr. Bommer Toy Train Foundation). In contrast to the model trains, which are reproduced with minute accuracy down to the last rivet and last fraction of a millimeter, toy trains are intended for play, but at the same time provide a technically and historically important picture of the development of rail transportation.

In addition to the great world of little wheels from the "Age of Steam", you will find toy ships, airplanes and airships to view and appreciate. Among these are the famous three-engined Luftwaffe transport plane Junker, "Tante Ju", that you still occasionally see in our skies and submarines from the First World War. A new feature of our Toy Train exhibition is a representative display of hand-picked model steam engines.

Model trains are more fun when they move, so we have set up a landscape where vintage MÄRKLIN and BUCO trains keep their own timetables …