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The Sound of Wood

Klingendes Holz, Kugeltreppe

Klingendes Holz, Kugelförderband

Klingendes Holz, Seilzug

Klingendes Holz, Bassgeige-Kugelbahn

Klingendes Holz, Elefant-Kugelbahn

Klingendes Holz, Antrieb mit Wippe

Wood and the imagination.

Touch wood - that's what this exhibit is all about. Give your imagination free rein - with our giant ball-runs that create a highly tactile and pleasurable exploration of the physical dimensions of space and time.
These mysteriously intricate machines, with their nostalgic details of cogs and levers, connecting rods and cranks - all made of wood - are fascinating for anyone whose sense of play is still intact, the young and the young at heart.