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Temporary exhibition "Air – is not just nothing"

Open until October 22, 2017

Geheimnisvolles Schweben





The many facets of air

Nothing plays more an important role in our daily lives than air. It keeps us alive – from our first breath to our last. It determines the weather, enables airplanes to fly and ensures that our vacuum cleaner works. The new “Air – is not just nothing” temporary exhibition presents 45 new exhibits and numerous hands-on experiments. Visit the special exhibition at Technorama and you will be amazed at the mani-fold phenomena connected with air.

Air is everywhere – yet cannot be seen. Our other senses are all the more receptive to air: we feel it as a gust of wind and as the apparent temperature, and it transmits sounds and scents.

Explore and play with the phenomena of air
Air can be experienced in the form of many different phenomena. It is an extremely multifaceted sub-stance that we come across in meteorology, human physiology as well as in a wide range of applications in physics. These specific characteristics can best be explored in a playful manner.

Apart from the classic experiments highlighting the physical properties of air under certain conditions, our new experiment stations make this special mixture of gases come alive – airy and easy, like a breeze. Furthermore, the art installations afford our visitors an aesthetically pleasing encounter with the phenomena of air.

Astounding exhibits with amazing effects

A wide variety of surprising activities await you. Try your hand at:

  • •    balancing balls in a stream of air, moving them through a labyrinth with compressed air and testing our pneumatic post system,
  • •    attempting to sail against the wind with model sailboats on wheels,
  • embracing the fear of empty space, horror vacui!, by making (negative)pressure here,
  • taking a ride on the magic carpet, elevated by a cushion of compressed air,
  • experimenting for yourself that all objects in a vacuum do in fact fall at the same speed – whether stone or feather,
  • discovering how water in a vacuum first boils, then instantly freezes,
  • dancing with silk scarves as they float in the airstream of the “Air Fountain” in our atrium, where you become a part of the interactive artwork by Daniel Wurtzel.

The exhibition also features “Pascal’s Milli Bar”, serving up many other extraordinary hands-on experi-ments with air. There are also special workshops with remarkable experimental set-ups and measuring devices enabling an in-depth examination of the phenomenal properties of air.

More than 20 exhibits are on loan from the phaeno science center in Wolfsburg, Germany. Technorama has maintained a close partnership with this science center for many years. Its “AAAAAIR – light as a feather and heavy as a tone” exhibition was created in 2014 already with a view to integrate selected exhibits into the new special exhibition at Technorama.

Air – is not just nothing! Visit our new special exhibition – and you will be surprised!


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