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Park mit Biotop

Park mit Ping-Pong und Rock Spinner (links)

Rock Spinner (ein sich drehender Fels)

Schwebender Wasserhahn, Detail

Schwebender Wasserhahn

Magische Schaukel

Boyo, Detail


Eingangsbereich mit Wasserspiel


Technorama’s park is the ideal complement to the indoor exhibition. Here you will find some perfect recreational areas, either in quiet places under shady trees or alongside the small creek. The park offers BBQ sites (ask for the charcoal at the box-office) to picnic or go for a walk out in the open. Or why not try out one of our XXL experiments under the open sky!

The park is open from April to the end of October.


Sun, wind and water


There is no place better than outdoors to present natural phenomena involving the sun, wind and water. In the park four different sundials read time depending on the position of the sun. But what time exactly are they telling? And how come a sundial «knows» this? Or the sun? Grasp this perfect opportunity to give some thought to astronomic interrelations.


It’ll bowl you over! A wind machine is more than just a huge fan producing cool air. Sense the power that «moving air» puts forth and get a feeling for what a hurricane at storm force 9 is like!

Discover the secret of the floating faucet, make a garden hose dance and move a massive granite boulder weighing tons with your fingertips.


To understand something often means «to get into» a phenomenon. A good example is the «Boyo» Some basic physical laws – such as the energy exchange between a flywheel and one’s own activities – can be physically experienced with this upside-down yo-yo.

The same goes for the «magic swing» with its principle of a coupled pendulum.