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Grob oder fein - sanfte Hände

Zwei Unmögliche Muttern

Heiss & Kalt

Don't trust your five senses.

Brains-on as well as hands-on is required for this exhibition because what we perceive, and how we perceive, is determined to a great extent in our heads. Time and patience are crucial as the senses and neurons gradually respond, triggering the "Oh I get it!" "Eureka" moment.

Here are just a few of the dozens of questions addressed in

more than 70 exhibits:

Artificial blind-spots. How does the eye manage to see colors in color-patterns when no colors are present? How does the eye erase colors?

How does the light from a lamp bulb built into a table-tennis paddle, detach into the air magically, when the paddle is waved back and forth?

You won't believe how strange a musical instrument sounds when the note is played backwards - for example, when a piano note begins with the fade-out and ends with the attack.

Why does the same piece of sandpaper feel different - finer or coarser - when you touch it with the fingertips of your left and right hands?

How can a still life created with black and white slides transform into full color? Try it out with our reconstruction of an experiment by Edwin Land, the inventor of the Polaroid camera.

"Perception" is not just entertaining and spectacular; it is, as every corner of Technorama shows, above all educational. It's simply amazing what these exhibits reveal about the interaction of the eye, ear, touch and body senses with the brain. This is especially true when the senses convey conflicting messages such as when the eye sees an oval saucer and the hand feels a round one. Another example is when touch and sight are confusingly desynchronized, as in "Delayed View".


Do you only believe what you see? - Here you will see what you believe!

You'll be surprised to find out what a major role your imagination - and even your preconceptions - plays in perception, leading our senses astray. The exhibits focus on many issues of brain and behavioral research, where there is still no clear answer to the question "What's going on?"