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Spatial Imaging

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Magic Box

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Virtual Bust / Franz K.

Knife in Space

Ein Hologramm abtasten

Seeing three-dimensionally.

This multidimensional exhibit invites you to take part in an informative tour of a 3D workshop. Large format holograms are fascinating. Consider the example of the spookily realistic one presented by the British holography expert Rod Murray in his laboratory.

Equally striking in their life like details are the spatially perfect full-color PHSColograms - a new 3D image technology from the USA. These can be either computer generated fantasy images or digitized images of real objects.

Finally, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away from the fascination of the "Magic Box", where an object the size of a matchbox but several times enlarged and accurate in every detail seems to jump out of the screen at you. The physics is easy: a real image cleverly magnified. Numerous interactive exhibits invite you to experiment and discover for yourself the basic features of lasers and their significance for holography.