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What is the VTW

The VTW is the Technorama - Business Partnership: the equivalent of the Friends of Technorama in the business community. As a member, your firm is supporting Technorama in its mission to bring an understanding of science and technology to a wide public, and particularly to enthuse young people for it.

Why join?

It is enormously praiseworthy, that the business community supports students of science and technology, in smoothing the path for them through the study of the subjects recognised as “hard”. In order to ensure the provision of “engineers for tomorrow”, the seeds of interest and enthusiasm must be planted in the early and impressionable years of childhood. And so that these grow, it requires strong, vivid and unforgettable experiences of phenomena, which is what only Technorama, here in Switzerland, is able to provide. The slogan is “get them young”!

Technorama has more than a quarter of a million visitors a year, ca. 55% of them children and adolescents, many of these visiting in school groups. The number of pre-school children visiting has steadily increased in recent years. It is apparent that scientific experimenting has become not only a popular leisure activity for children, but also a fascinating leisure experience for the whole family.

Support our mission to provide people curious about things scientific, especially children and young folk, the opportunity to develop an enthusiasm for science and technology. Do this by joining the VTW – Technorama’s “Business Club”!

How to join

Over 30 well-known companies are already members of VTW.

  • Full Membership including voting rights: Yearly subscription a minimum of CHF 10,000 (plus possible sponsoring contribution at any level)

What do you gain from membership?

More than appears on the balance sheet! Give yourselves a pat on the back that you are VTW members on all your corporate communications:

  • You strengthen the credibility of your company – showing commitment to society

  • Your support enjoys unique identification – there is only one science centre in Switzerland!

  • You are actually supporting and not just paying trendy lip service to the promotion of “Public understanding of science and technology”.

  • The name of your firm is there for all to see in Technorama’s entrance hall – recognisable by around a quarter of a million visitors yearly.

  • Last but not least: as a new member of VTW, your firm can have a first function, convention, etc. in our premises (auditorium, seminar rooms, etc.) for free, including access to the exhibition.

  • And finally, as a full member, your firm will receive 20 gratis entrance tickets to Technorama, for distribution to your staff.